Process Watch Dog with Heartbeat Released!

It's nice to watch a process execution and kill frozen processes after timeout, but when a process is supplying data is not frozen even when it takes a long time.
Release 1.1.0 introduces a new process wrapper to send a heartbeat to reset the timeout explicitly or automatically with every read byte.

Boundary I/O Streams Released!

New Java library for working with boundary I/O streams was released.
This library provides classes for processing multiple streams withing a single stream bounded by a specific boundary content.
Let's take a deeper look at its functionality...

Process Watch Dog Released!

It's a good idea to work with external processes to prevent the system from failure especially when the process is very resources-demanding.
But what if something goes wrong?
Let the watch dog out!

ThistleDB - Simple JSON Database - Released!

Simple JSON database based on the file-access and server-client approach with the non-blocking server and the reactive (asynchronous non-blocking) client.

JSON Mock Data Generator

It's easy to generate test mock JSON data for a small HTTP request or a similar use, because there is a planty of online tools providing this functionality for you.

But what if you want to generate data for a database performance test for systems like MongoDB or Elasticsearch?

Online tools can generate entities in tens, maybe in hunders, but in thousands or millions? 

In this case comes the JSON Mock Data Generator on the scene.

Application Package Manager with Ant and Java

Everyone knows the operation systems package manager like dpkg (from Debian) or RPM Package Manager (from RedHat).

Sometimes there is a need of such a management system in our own use.

The environment doesn't have to be an operation system, but for instance a web server or just a container application.

The manager must be able to manage package dependencies, versions and installation to the environment system.

Ant script to copy a snippet of a XML to another XML

I know, Ant is not the most modern technology, but there are still Ant-based systems we have to maintenance.

Sometimes we need to cut or copy a piece of a XML document and save it to another.

We will use XmlTask library by OOPS Consultancy to achive this goal. 

JavaScript Menu Plugin for Mobile Web Applications

It's not easy to put all the navigation information in the small space of a website for mobile apps, especially when you have a lot of categories, departments etc...

This JavaScript (jQuery) based dynamic menu could help you with the challenge.

It's small, compact, customizable, easy to deploy and free to use!

JavaFX 2: Simple Graphs

It's pretty easy to create a graphs in the JavaFX application, because there are a lot of neat libraries on the Internet.

Trouble comes when you need to stick with JavaFX 2.

This very very simple library will let you to create simple graphs like this one:

Simple Graphs - preview

SQL NULL: tricky equality

Especially when creating a SQL quary from the code, to make the life easier we are using constructions like this:


Then we can easily add a new condition just joined with AND (or OR):

SELECT * FROM test WHERE 1=1 AND ...

and it will be working perfectly fine.

Working with constans can't bring any problem, but it's getting tricky when we're working with variables (columns) like this:

SELECT * FROM test WHERE num=num

The problem is the special value NULL.