Memory Examiner

When you need to learn something by hear, you must repeat it again and again... and it is hard.

This little program could help you!

It is a simple test application for pairs of term - explanation, it could be used for technical definitions as well as words of a foreign language.

ActiveMQ, HornetQ and RabbitMQ Performance Comparison

Messaging could be a great solution for a lot of projects regarding an inter-systems (and components) communication. But which vendor to choose? Which one is the best?

There is no proper answer for this question, because each and every provider has some pros and cons. Please read the first description of all of them and figure out only those matching your requirements.

If your results include ActiveMQ, HornetQ and RabbitMQ, you are propably interested in performace and some practical observations now. And that is what is this article all about.

ActiveMQ + JAAS Custom Login Module

It is pretty easy to find how to run built-in JAAS plugin (jaasAuthenticationPlugin), but what shall you do when you want to your own JAAS LoginModule implementation for ActiveMQ broker authentication (for instance when you have the module already written)?

This article will help with this task.

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