Memory Examiner

When you need to learn something by hear, you must repeat it again and again... and it is hard.

This little program could help you!

It is a simple test application for pairs of term - explanation, it could be used for technical definitions as well as words of a foreign language.

Fill up the lexicon

First we need to define the lexicon of pairs term-explanation from which the application shall test us.

We can do it in two easy ways:

  1. by the form in the bottom part of the application frame,
  2. putting the pairs as two lines of a text file (first line the term, second the explanation and so on) and import them via the application menu.

The lexicon can be as well exported into a text file via the application menu, this will create two lines of text for each term-explanation pair. The file can be then edited and imported into the application and vise versa.

Test your memory!

The application will show you first the term and let you think. You can let show the explanation. Then you can move forward by clicking the green or red button if you had known the term or not.

The application will server the most difficult words with priority.

Structure your tests

The application uses the file named lexicon.dat in the working directory as the storage. You can backup your lexicons in files and just rename the file with the demanding lexicon to lexicon.dat to push it into the application (the application has to be restarted to load the new lexicon file).

Or you can use export - import functions to achieve this. But be aware that doing this you will loose you success-fail results!

Get it

You can download the executable JAR archive and run it by the command (if your OS is not configured to run JAR files on the JRE implicitly):

java -jar memory-examiner-1.0.jar

And because this is a blog about programming, you can see the source codes as well.