Multiple LDAP Servers Integration

When an administative solution (like Global Catalog) is not possible or wanted and we have to integrate more LDAP servers under one hood there is a simple way how to do it with MyVirtualDirectory.

Meaning of Queues and Topics in AWS

Queues and topics are standard communication channels in messaging systems.
How to use then in AWS, for example to implement the Competing Consumers pattern?

Debugging jasmine-ts in IntelliJ IDE

TypeScript application wants tests to be written in TypeScript as well, right?
There is a great library to achive this: jasmine-ts
But how to debug such tests within your IntelliJ IDE?

Stop Boundary I/O Streams Released!

The library for boundary I/O streams brought the possibility to work with multiple stream written in a single stream.
But what if the stream continues further without containing any more sub-stream? In this case we can use the new released Stop Boundary Stream feature from the same library to ignore the rest of the stream after a boundary was reached.

Process Watch Dog with Heartbeat Released!

It's nice to watch a process execution and kill frozen processes after timeout, but when a process is supplying data is not frozen even when it takes a long time.
Release 1.1.0 introduces a new process wrapper to send a heartbeat to reset the timeout explicitly or automatically with every read byte.

Boundary I/O Streams Released!

New Java library for working with boundary I/O streams was released.
This library provides classes for processing multiple streams withing a single stream bounded by a specific boundary content.
Let's take a deeper look at its functionality...

Process Watch Dog Released!

It's a good idea to work with external processes to prevent the system from failure especially when the process is very resources-demanding.
But what if something goes wrong?
Let the watch dog out!

ThistleDB - Simple JSON Database - Released!

Simple JSON database based on the file-access and server-client approach with the non-blocking server and the reactive (asynchronous non-blocking) client.

JSON Mock Data Generator

It's easy to generate test mock JSON data for a small HTTP request or a similar use, because there is a planty of online tools providing this functionality for you.

But what if you want to generate data for a database performance test for systems like MongoDB or Elasticsearch?

Upgrade Java SE 7 to Java SE 8 OCP Programmer - Summary

Maybe you are updating your Oracle Professional Certification from Java 7 to Java 8 as I just did a few days ago.

This summary contains everything important to learn to achive this goal.

You can download this summary as a PDF document.

I wish you good luck!