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Managing Asynchronous Tests

It's recommended to avoid any asynchrony within the scope of the test. Unfortunately, this is not possible everywhere.

How to Effectively Protect Critical Section

Not everywhere could be immutable objects used to ensure thread-safe code.

JSON Mock Data Generator

A small program to generate JSON data.

Application Package Manager with Ant and Java

Let's build a simple but powerful application package manager with Ant.

Ant Sequential Tasks

This article will show you how to implement an Ant task which consume a sequence of sub-task and call them with a parameter of the result from the execution.

Resolving a Generic Type with Spring Framework

In the case of generic beans sometimes you need to get the generic type value for some specific reasons. A typical example could be parsing some data into the type.

Pre-processing Spring Beans of Prototype Scope

Sometimes you have a type of bean in the Spring framework which you want to create by every asking for it - in the scope prototype.

Synchronization with Modification of the Lock Reference very bad practice. Nevertheless, it is not so rare to meet it.

Principals from JAAS through CAS to Spring Security

This article is about a custom integration of Java Authentication and Authorization Service (JAAS), Central Authentication Service (CAS), and Spring Security.

ActiveMQ + JAAS Custom Login Module

It is pretty easy to find how to run built-in JAAS plugin, but what shall you do when you want to your own JAAS LoginModule implementation for ActiveMQ broker authentication (for instance when you have the module already written)?