OOP Is Still Cool in 2024

Object-oriented programming might not be perfect but it is still the best we have.

Services Everywhere

Software architecture is only as service-oriented as its most monolithic component.

You Aren’t Gonna Need Microservices

Do you really need a cluster of pods, service mesh, and stream-processing platform right now?

Good and Bad Monolith

It is unfortunate that monolith has become a dirty word. In fact, a physical monolith is typically the right thing to do. Pure evil is monolithic thinking.

Colored Services

Defining service boundaries is hard. Let's bring some colors and make it fun!

Rollback and Microservices

Is it even possible to roll microservices back?

Function Separation in a Microservice

Talking about serverless microservices, functions are the basic building blocks of the service functionality. How to design them from the code and deployment perspektive?