How to Test Date and Time in Spring Boot

Testing temporal events in Spring Boot Java applications with JUnit 5 and Spring Boot Test.

Shades of Tests

Practical examples of software testing in Java using Spring Boot Test without mocking frameworks.

How to Test Abstract Classes

Abstract classes typically offer one or more concrete methods. These must be tested as well. There are several ways how to do it, but which one to choose?

Keep Test Code inside the Test

Noone wants to write one thing twice. Reducing duplicates makes code shorter and clearer. How much this applies for test code?

How I Do TDD

I really like Test-Driven Development (TDD) and apply it almost always. The problem with TDD is that it focuses too much on working software.

No Binaries in the Codebase

Binary data shouldn't be a part of the codebase. This is pretty well-known practice. But how to proceed when we do need binaries in our codebase, for instance as test data?

Double Testing

Write your tests once and run them twice - as both unit and integration tests - sounds like a good deal, let's take a look at this practice.

Glass-Box Testing Does Not Need Mocking

Black-box testing is testing of a component via its API without any knowledge of its implementation details. As the opposite there is the white-box testing. And it about testing implementation, right? Well, no...

Use-Case-Driven Testing

Why shouldn't we test the implementation? How to decouple our tests from the code? What is the reason to add a new test? Why is mocking a code smell? In this article I will try to find answers to those questions.

Testing Serverless Systems

Testing serverless systems is hard. In this article, we will discuss some practices which work well for my project.