Learning WebAssembly #2: Wasm Binary Format

Discovering the basic representation of WebAssembly: binary and text formats.

Learning WebAssembly #1: Hello, World of Wasm!

Getting started with WebAssembly: writing and executing a simple program in Wat.

Keep Options Open

Keeping options open is one of the most useful principles of Clean Architecture. Let’s dive deeper with code examples in Java and Spring framework.

Documentation Boosts Development

How writing documentation can improve implementation and overall quality of software.

Shades of Tests

Practical examples of software testing in Java using Spring Boot Test without mocking frameworks.

How Cohesion and Coupling Correlate

Cohesion done right reduces the coupling and complexity of systems.

The Interface Segregation Principle with Lambdas

How to implement the ISP using simple functions to reduce coupling and complexity at the same time.

Monolithic Objects

Don't model the real world, model your business!

DevOps Ad Absurdum

DevOps is about communication and responsibility. A great product is the result of great cooperation.

You Aren’t Gonna Need Microservices

Do you really need a cluster of pods, service mesh, and stream-processing platform right now?