How to Test Date and Time in Spring Boot

Testing temporal events in Spring Boot Java applications with JUnit 5 and Spring Boot Test.

Spring HTTP Message Converters Customizing

A deep look at how Spring's HTTP Message Converters work.

Data Model vs. Domain Model

ORM is a good servant but a bad master. The object-relational impedance mismatch is still there and as dangerous as ever.

Java Concurrency Made Easy

About motivation for the project Loom and some boring concurrent code as a bonus.

Shades of Tests

Practical examples of software testing in Java using Spring Boot Test without mocking frameworks.

Java Records Aren’t Necessarily Evil

How do Java Records fit to the object-oriented design?

SOLID Principles in Java by Example

There are a lot of articles about the SOLID principles. But usually a different example for a particular principle is to be found. Instead, would it be nice to demonstrate all of them on a single code snippet?

Package by Component with Clean Modules in Java

Let's find the best combination of two good architectural approaches: Package by component and Clean architecture.

Pitfalls of Processing a Stream from an External Program

How to design a standalone program that produces a big amount of binary data, and what are the pitfalls of the approach?

Synchronized Methods vs. Semaphore

When one-thread-access for synchronized methods is too restrictive, semaphores come to mind.